Return of the Almighty PDF

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Flight Cognition, Ltd.
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DENVER, COLORADO, Feburary 8th, 2019 — FlightCog (formerly known as Divergent Aerospace) has discontinued the use of Adobe Content Server and Adobe Digital Editions to fulfil content delivery to our customers. If you have purchased a copy of The Complete CFI Binder Series, a copy of The Kneeboard Reference Guide, or a copy of any other Digital Media from us between April 2018 through Feburary 2019, you will be affected by this change.


We are discontinuing the use of Adobe Content Server, which means that, effective today, Feburary 8th 2019, we will no longer be utilizing Adobe Digital Editions to deliver our Digital Media. The decision to discontinue the use of Adobe Digital Editions was made largely based on customer feedback. Shortly after we implemented ADE in April 2018, we received many complaints about Adobe Digital Editions fulfilment process. Many customers reported a poor user experiance with Adobe Digital Editions. We recieved many complains from customers stating the software felt clunky, wasn’t user-friendly, was difficult to download media to, and many other related issues.

Our Digital Media from a publishing standpoint has a unique set of challenges. Many publishers distribute their e-books in one single format. That format is normally Digital and cannot be modified or printed. — In our case, we needed a software application that would allow our product to be easily downloaded, universally consumable on any platform, and be printable. — Getting all three of these things simultaneously was difficult for us. Adobe Digital Editions, believe it or not, had the best user experience and allowed us to distrubute our content as it needed to be distributed… Which was why we chose it.


We are happy to announce the return of the PDF. We moved away from the PDF in 2018 becasue there were delivery challenges associated with downloading High-Resolution PDF files designed for High-Quality printing, directly from our web server. Customers who had older devices or slower internet connections had much difficulty downloading these files.

However, with our new and improved download process inplemented Feburary 8th 2019. We have mitigated most if not all the pain points associated with downloading larger files from our web server!

We urge you to proceed to the Downloads Tab inside of your Account to download all of your products in our new PDF format. This is an Open Source PDF, which means there is no DRM.

  • You may now open and consume our eBooks in any PDF viewer that you choose. This includes the Apple Books application.
  • You may now annotate and highlight anywhere in the PDF and all of your annotations and highlights will be saved directly within the PDF.

On behalf of our entire team, thank you for your time and your business. We truly value it. We hope the return of the PDF format will enhance your user experience with our products. Please accept our deepest apologies for the bad user experience that was a result of the Adobe Digital Editions fulfillment process.

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