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The Kneeboard Reference Guide by FlightCog™ was developed to make new flight instructors more successful. The Kneeboard Reference Guide makes both teaching and learning easier for the instructor and student. As a new flight instructor, you’re still learning. You’re learning to fly, teach, and critique your students simultaneously. That’s a lot of multitasking! So, we created something to help you multitask.

The Kneeboard Reference Guide can and should be used, as a tool, to aid newly certificated flight instructors, who are teaching for the first time. This product should be used to aid your student in mentally visualizing a maneuver before it is performed. By using this product, you’ll help remove the ambiguity of learning a new maneuver. Each maneuver is very clearly explained with graphics. This powerful product can be handed to your student for review, prior to maneuver execution.

The Kneeboard Reference Guide was designed with a simple concept in mind: harness the power of a teachers guide, like a CFI Binder lesson plan for a maneuver, but make it small enough to take in the cockpit. That’s just what we did! The Reference Guide has been designed in Kneeboard Format, which allows portability, and encourages it’s use directly in the cockpit, with your student.


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Make Teaching Easier

The Kneeboard Reference Guide was designed to make teaching in the cockpit easier. As a new instructor, you have a lot of new responsibilities. Let us make you more successful by using our pre-written outline for each required maneuver. 

Standardize Each Maneuver

The Kneeboard Reference Guide promotes a standardized way to execute flight maneuvers. It can be used by a brand new instructor, as an outline, to help memorize and execute each maneuver in-flight. (Like SOPs)

Clearly Written & Explained

The Kneeboard Reference Guide delivers a superior method of teaching. Each maneuver is clearly written and explained. Enabling a better understanding of each maneuver’s purpose and importance.

Maneuver Visualization

The Kneeboard Reference Guide provides an excellent way for a student to mentally visualize, and imagine, what the maneuver will look like on paper; before actually executing said maneuver in the aircraft.


The Kneeboard Reference Guide was designed as a condensed maneuver guide that a flight instructor could bring along in the cockpit on a training flight to help a student visually recall how to execute a maneuver that was taught during the pre-brief on the ground. We all remember what it was like when we first learned a new maneuver during our pre-brief before our flight lesson. Remember the maneuver being drawn out on the whiteboard? It wasn’t uncommon to feel like you may have forgotten the purpose of that maneuver you were learning or even maybe one of two of the execution steps. It happens. We have all been there. 

The Kneeboard Reference Guide was created to help bridge and close those gaps that formed between the pre-briefing room and the actual flight. Armed with the Kneeboard Reference Guide, you can help your student mentally visualize a maneuver while in the cockpit, thus, removing all the ambiguity associated with trying to re-explain the maneuver once airborne. 

The purpose of each maneuver is clearly explained and is visually presented with full-color graphics. This powerful product can be handed to your student whilst in the aircraft to be reviewed while the flight instructor demonstrates each maneuver. The Kneeboard Reference Guide solidifies the demonstration and performance technique of flight training.

This book is 48 pages in length and will be available for immediate download upon checkout in the form of a digital e-book.

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