The Complete CFI Binder (Cessna 172-RG)

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This variant was explicitly designed for the Cessna 172-RG. The Complete CFI Binder is a PREMIUM, industry-leading, fully unified, fully converged solution that virtually eliminates the need for a CFI Applicant to use supplemental external resources (extra books) during the CFI Checkride, or while teaching an instrument pilot applicant. This is a fully-turnkey solution for Initial Flight Instructor Certification.

This book is not just “CFI Lesson Plans.” This product was exclusively built for use as the primary resource for both becoming a Flight Instructor and teaching as a Flight Instructor. This book contains material for every testable area of operation and every technical subject area required for Initial Flight Instructor (CFI) Certification.

This book is 724 pages in length! Add this to your EFB and have access to your CFI material from the palm of your hand. For more specific details on this product, click here: to read more about The Complete CFI Binder.



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The Complete CFI Binder

Cessna 172-RG Variant

Everything You Need

The Complete CFI Binder was meticulously written by ATP-Certificated pilots holding a minimum of a CFI teaching certificate. We've left no stone unturned. The Complete CFI Binder is the most comprehensive teacher's manual ever created for initial Flight Instructor Certification. At its most basic level, this product has been created to replace the colossal quantity of books that a typical CFI would use.

This product has been designed to entirely remove any and all confusion and ambiguity from your study process. This book outlines every single study area that you need to know (are required to know) for the CFI Practical exam. Then, after you successfully get your CFI ticket. The book is designed to be used as your primary teaching aid. To be used to aid your students in understanding complex maneuvers and concepts that are new to them.

Annotate & Highlight

This book is offered in PDF format. You'll be able to fully annotate and highlight all over the pages in the book.

Printable PDF Version

You'll have the ability to Print a copy of The Complete CFI Binder on ANY DEVICE directly from your favorite PDF application.

Digital PDF Version

Be mindful of your ecological footprint. Study and teach directly from your EFB with the Digital version.

License & Subscription

The Complete CFI Binder was designed as a dynamic resource. We routinely update the product to correct errors and maintain the currency of the content published within the book. These content updates, revisions, and additions require research and manpower to implement. This costs FlightCog both time and money, as we have to pay our staff to do this work. To help compensate our staff for these tasks. We have designed The Complete CFI Binder as a subscription product that renews on a semi-annual basis (every 6-months).

After purchasing a licensed copy of The Complete CFI Binder. During the first six months. You'll have the ability to continuously download this product and receive any subsequent updates that we publish. After this free period lapses. You will automatically be billed $25 every six months until the subscription is canceled. This is an optional subscription that may be canceled -- AT ANY TIME AFTER INITIAL PURCHASE -- directly from your order management area.

Additional information


This version of the book has been customized for a Cessna 172 RG Cutlass. Please be sure to purchase the correct version of the book, to match the version of the aircraft you're flying.

Delivery Method

This product is 100% downloadable and printable. Therefore, no book will be shipped to you. The book in the photo at the top of the page is merely an example of what the CFI Binder was designed to look like, after being printed out and inserted into a binder of your choice.

Subscription Product

This is a subscription product. You will receive free product updates for a period of six months.

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Print Length

The Complete CFI Binder (C-172RG) is 724 pages in length, as of the most recent update.

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