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PILOTNICK is now Divergent Aerospace

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DENVER, COLORADO, March 26th, 2019 — PILOTNICK Publishing, Ltd. is announcing a corporate name change and formal rebrand of the entire PILOTNICK product line. PILOTNICK Publishing is now Divergent Aerospace, Ltd. The word “Divergent” is defined as “moving or extending in different directions from a common point” and “differing from each other or from a standard.” At Divergent Aerospace, our focus is to Inspire Greatness by diverging from the normal, more traditional methods of training, by training our clients using a truly unique, creative and innovative approach. A better way to learn.


PILOTNICK Publishing has been in the business of producing educational content for Initial Flight Instructor Certification for the past five years, first beginning operations in March 2014. During the past five years, we’ve largely focused on a singular product line: The Complete CFI Binder Series. In the fall of 2018, our leadership team changed and as a result, we started a process of redefining who we are and where we are going, as a company.

During this soul search, so-to-speak, we really sat down and thought about what was important to us. Why we exist and what problem we want to fix. We are a company run by a group of professional pilots who are passionate about training future generations of pilots who will inevitably replace us. We exist to develop content for Aviation Students who crave structured training material and have the desire to be taught with clear and concise training material. We exist to cause a divergence or shift in the Aviation Education Certification and Training Industry.


In Aviation, change is necessary and very much-so overdue. Here is why… Aviation is rigid. Some, but not all Individuals, who have been in aviation for years are rigid. Thus having no desire to change anything. Our way of doing things in aviation has been very much so predicated on the statement “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” This kind of mentality has caused the industry as a whole to become stuck in the 1900s. Lacking creative ideas, innovation or change. Some would say time has somewhat left our industry behind.

We live in the Information Age. At Divergent Aerospace, we believe change is necessary if the Aviation Education Industry wants to ensure that future generations will have the basic privilege of manned flight.

Another problem that plagues the Pilot Certification Industry is lack of experience. Most flight instructors are only looking to build flight time so they can move on to the airlines. While there is nothing wrong with building time to move on to an airline, the inherent problem is that many pilots who are not in any way gifted in teaching, end up teaching anyways. Ultimately, this leads to deficient, subpar instruction, which is then passed on to a new aviation student, who will then become an instructor and pass that same deficient knowledge on to his or her next student. The cycle will continue…

At Divergent Aerospace, we have dedicated our professional pilot careers to ensure that this gap is filled. The content that we produce has been developed by individuals who’ve “been there, done that.” As our leadership has worked in both Civilian and Military Aviation in both flying and non-flying capacities, which includes Aircraft Maintenance and Airline Flying. We have diverged from our careers as professional airline pilots to professionally teach the future generation of pilots.


While we have greatly enjoyed working on the Complete CFI Binder Series project. We really wanted to begin broadening the scope of the products and services that we offer our customers. While we have primarily developed content exclusive to Flight Instructor Certification, expanding into other areas of Pilot Certification and Training is necessary for future growth. We have begun to build out a proprietary online learning platform for aviation courses. We plan to release an entire suite of courses for Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, CFII, MEI and Advanced Certification (ATP). We plan to offer each and every micro-course a la carte. So, you can pick and choose what you want. We will also be offering a full course suite for each certificate.

Expect to see more from us on this topic in the coming months. While we will have an official “unveiling” of the new brand in the future, you’ll notice a few things changing on the website. Expect to see a new logo and some new brand colors. Also, know that the “PILOTNICK” domain will now forward to “DivergentAero.com.” Your Learner Profile, Logins, Purchases, and Subscriptions will all remain unchanged.