Military and Veteran Discounts

FlightCog Military Discount

FlightCog is happy to offer 25% military and veteran discounts that can be used on any single purchase product that we offer on our website. This discount is not valid on any portion of a recurring subscription product. The discount can be used one time per product. This discount is offered to all who have served in the United States Military. This includes active, inactive, guard, reserve, and retired service members.

To apply for the military/veteran discount, please complete our Military Discount Request Form. Since it is illegal to take a photocopy of a Common Access Card (CAC) we simply ask for a photo of you in uniform or if you don’t want to share a picture of you (for privacy reasons) simply send us a picture of your uniform showing your name patch. Alternatively, a veteran’s ID card will also satisfy the burden of proof that you have served our country. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

To obtain your discount coupon, please complete our Military Discount Request Form.

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