Introducing The Kneeboard Reference Guide

Introducing The Kneeboard Reference Guide

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DENVER, COLORADO, January 1st, 2017 — FlightCog (Formerly known as Divergent Aerospace) is introducing The Kneeboard Reference Guide. A new product that was developed to enhance learning and to fill a very important need. We created something that could be used in the cockpit to help your student visualize flight training maneuvers before execution.


At FlightCog™ we’re always finding ways to innovate. Our mission is to develop products that make aviation education easier for initial flight instructor certification, and for already certificated flight instructors. About a year back, we came up with an idea to create an abbreviated outline (lesson plan) which could be used to teach students maneuvers.The guide can also be used as a supplemental teaching aid for the instructor. The Kneeboard Reference Guide was expressly developed as a simple training aid to be used while inside the aircraft.


The Kneeboard Reference Guide by FlightCog™ was developed to fill a very important need. We wanted to create something that could be used to teach a new instructor in training. This product can and should also be used to help a newly certificated flight instructor who is teaching students for the very first time. Imagine having a simplified version of a maneuver lesson plan developed in kneeboard format which could be used for quick reference while teaching. Your job as a CFI has now suddenly become much easier. 

The Kneeboard Teaching Guide is essentially an abbreviated lesson plan (in outline format) developed to enable a flight instructor to teach with the product in the cockpit. This product can even be handed to the student prior to each maneuver, thereby ensuring that the student is familiar with each maneuver and understands the purpose, prior to being taught and/or executing said maneuver.

The Kneeboard Reference Guide will enhance learning by showing the student each maneuver, in plain English. Each lesson will include a photo of the maneuver being executed (bird’s eye view) the purpose of said maneuver, a description of the maneuver, instructions on how to execute the maneuver, and the FAA tolerances. The Kneeboard Reference Guide will remove the ambiguity from learning a new maneuver. There will be no more question marks. Presenting a lesson to your student from the Kneeboard Reference Guide prior to teaching the new maneuver, and prior to the execution of said maneuver, will ultimately enforce a positive transfer of learning, and will surely set your student up to be successful.


We have included all of the fundamental core subject areas that are part of the Private Pilot, and Commercial Pilot courses. Basics like Power-On Stalls, Power-Off Stalls, Slow Flight, Rectangular Course, Turns Around a Point, S-Turns, Eights on Pylons, Chandelles, Steep Turns, and Lazy Eights. These core subject areas all have a lesson in the Kneeboard Reference Guide.


As with all of our products. The Kneeboard Reference Guide is delivered to our customers in High-Resolution PDF format. This document has been designed to be printed in color, then quickly cut to be placed into a Flight Crew Checklist binder. The PDF format has already been sized to enable quick printing. There are simple cutout lines to follow. This is a raw file. You will be responsible for the purchase of the Checklist binder, and cutting out the pages to ensure a proper fit into the binder.


The Kneeboard Reference Guide is now available! The product can be purchased directly from our website and can be downloaded immediately upon successful order placement.

Want to see exactly what is included in The Kneeboard Reference Guide? View the Table of Contents.

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