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Flight Cognition, Ltd. January 3, 2022
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PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, JANUARY 3rd, 2022 — Divergent Aerospace is now FlightCog. Divergent Aerospace, Ltd., announces name change and brand name change to Flight Cognition, Ltd., and will transact business under the FlightCog brand name. FlightCog is a nationally recognized flight training institution located in the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands. FlightCog creates courses, books, and other training materials for pilot and flight instructor certification. FlightCog believes this new company name better describes the company. The company believes the former name, Divergent Aerospace, was ambiguous and lacked brand definition.

The original founders of the company, Nicholas R. Schvabenitz, and Michelle Y. Schvabenitz have returned to FlightCog in a full-time capacity. The founders believe this name change and rebrand will help them build new products and services that place an emphasis on bringing humanity and love back into manned flight in a world that is constantly trying to do the opposite. The founders believe this new brand name will reduce confusion having a similar name as the Hollywood Divergent Movie Series.

The founders have expressed the entire process of updating their products, services, and websites with the new brand name, and with exclusive new content will take several months. This process will be rolled out in phases. Due to staffing issues during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the products the company offered under the Divergent brand name have not been updated, and have a backlog of updated pending. The founders have explained that ALL PRODUCTS will be fully updated in 2022. The founders have also stated that they are now offering limited sales support by telephone. Speaking with someone on the telephone was an option that previously was not offered.

FlightCog has realigned its mission statement to reflect its intent to design and sell immersive creations of the mind that help positively and effectively forge the aviation journey of their clients. The company plans to solve the problems of Deficient Flight Training, Lack of Understanding related to what is being taught, and overall Lack of Standardization for Flight Instructor Certification.

The company was originally founded in Denver, Colorado under the name of PILOTNICK, several years later became known as Divergent Aerospace, and now is known as FlightCog.

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