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Turbine Engine Course Overview


The Turbine Engine Theory course is just one of the fourteen total courses that make up The Airline Transition Program. In this course, the learner will be taught Engine Theory, Turbine Systems, and Turbine Operations. The content within this course has not been developed to be “aircraft type specific,” but more generalized to easily explain and present the complex operational theory in turbine engine systems. The in-depth knowledge that will be taught in this course will prepare the learner for Aircraft Systems Training at his or her first airline.

This course contains 47 minutes of video lecture and 21 pages of textual content.

This course requires no external materials. All supplemental text material will be provided below and from within the course once the learner has enrolled. To successfully pass this course, the learner must complete a series of interactive quizzes with a corrected minimum score of 80%. Quizzes will contain questions derived from the material that has been taught from within this course. The quiz will include true/false, multiple-choice, and completion questions.


Engine Theory

Learn about the different types of Turbine Engines, the components that make them work and how the Brayton Cycle keeps the engine spinning after light-off.

Turbine Systems

Learn about the various components that are part of Turbine Systems like Bleed Air, Air Turbine Starters, and Thrust Reversers.

Turbine Operations

Learn about different Engine Indication Systems in the cockpit and some of the potential Abnormal Engine Conditions that can present themselves.

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