Electrical Systems

The Electrical Systems Online Course was developed to help pilots transitioning to their first turbine-powered aircraft. This course is part of The Airline Transition Program and will help teach the learner relevant information on pneumatics, to be better prepared for aircraft systems training. You'll be taught all the foundational knowledge you'll need to excel during aircraft systems class.

Nick Schvabenitz · September 16, 2019
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Course Overview

The Electrical Systems course is the third course that is part of The Airline Transition Program.

In this course, the learner will be taught basic electrical principles like Electrical Theory, Electrical Components, and finally Electrical Systems. You'll learn how a battery works, the difference between AC Power vs DC Power, how Generators and Alternators work, and finally the more advanced electrical systems you'll find in your first jet.

The content within this course has not been developed to be "aircraft type-specific" (although some aircraft specifics will be discussed) but is more generalized to easily explain and present the complex operational theory in electrical systems.

The in-depth knowledge that will be taught in this course will prepare the learner for Aircraft Systems Training at his or her first airline or corporate flight operation.

  • This course contains 1 hr 10 minutes of video lecture, and 17 pages of textual content.

This course requires no external materials. All supplemental text material will be provided below and from within the course once the learner has enrolled. To successfully pass this course, the learner must complete a series of interactive quizzes with a corrected minimum score of 80%. Quizzes will contain questions derived from the material that has been taught from within this course. The quizzes will include true/false, multiple-choice, and completion questions.


Electrical Theory

Dive into electrical theory to understand how a battery works and the difference between AC and DC Power.

Electrical Components

Discover how key components work, like a generator and alternator, the Constant Speed Drive, Rectifiers and Inverters.

Electrical Systems

Correlate how all of the theory and components of electrics create a closed system for safe aircraft operation.

Basic Electrics

You'll learn all of the basics on electrical theory, components, and system operation.

Advanced Electrics

You'll learn the more advanced electrical principles that will be found in the jet.

Electrical Redundancy

Discover the backup systems that minimize and prevent system failures in the jet.

About Instructor

Nick Schvabenitz

I am a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I possess multiple degrees in Aeronautics, Aircraft Maintenance Technology, and Technical Management. I'm a Content Artist and am the Founder of Divergent Aerospace. I have extensive operational experience in both domestic and international turbine flight operations under FAR Parts 61, 91, 135, and 121. During my time as an Aircraft Maintenance Journeyman in the US Air Force. I mastered the synergetic correlation between flight operations and aircraft maintenance. In General Aviation, I am a Subject Matter Expert (SME). I am an active Flight and Ground Instructor. I have vast Charter Pilot, Airline First Officer, and Airline Captain wisdom.

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