Fully Unified Solution for CFI Training

The Complete CFI Binder

Like the CFII Binder, The Complete CFI Binder is an industry-leading, fully unified, fully converged solution that virtually eliminates the need for a CFI Applicant to use supplemental external resources (extra books) on the CFI Checkride, or while teaching a pilot applicant, if you're already a Certified Flight Instructor.

This product is not just "CFI Lesson Plans." This product is designed to teach our clients what they need to know to be successful on the CFI Checkride, and how to be a successful aviation instructor, after obtaining the CFI ticket. Consider the benefits of having an EFB filled with an enormous amount of knowledge that can fit directly in the palm of your hand. Easily accessible anytime, anywhere. That is The Complete CFI Binder!

Our writing style embodies the principle of "simple to complex." We intentionally designed our product to be fundamentally easy to understand using a simple writing style that teaches our clients complex subjects and topics. You won’t find overly-complicated concepts or explanations that are difficult to digest, or difficult to teach. You don't need a P.H.D. in Aeronautics to understand or teach our material!

FlightCog is the pioneer of the "CFI Binder for Purchase" concept.

Our products are designed by ATP-Certified Pilots with CFI credentials.

FlightCog produces the one and only premium fully-turnkey CFI Binder.

You'll be CFI certified faster by using our material than any other training material that exists on planet earth.

CFI Applicants Aren't Teaching Experts

For decades the process of becoming a Flight Instructor has largely stayed the same. The "Primary CFI" assigns a "lesson" to be taught by the applicant. The applicant will then make an attempt to "build a lesson plan" for this subject area, then try to make an attempt at teaching it. For some reason, the FAA believes that by completing the FOI written exam. You instantly become a "teacher." This is grossly incorrect. Many CFI applicants painstakingly "get through" the FOI portion of the CFI training program; some barely pass. Most just rote memorize the answers to the test questions on the FOI written.

Now, this being said. Keep in mind. You're paying a CFI to help train you. Eventually, you become the trainer. How would you feel if your college professor got his teaching credits the same way you obtained your FOI? Yeah, we're thinking you probably would not have much confidence in this professor. You likely would even object to paying the high premium price for those credit hours. Becoming a pilot instructor is no different.

We believe that a CFI Applicant has absolutely no business trying to build their own lesson plans that will eventually be taught to another "paying client," who is seeking pilot certification. Flight Training is no game. It can be life or death. There can be serious cause-and-effect incidents that may come full circle, ultimately blaming the primary instructor for deficient training. This is something serious to think about. You could lose every certificate you have. Go to jail. Pay restitution. Be sued for every dime to your name. We don't want to make you fear aviation or contemplate your choice to become an instructor pilot. But we need to convey the serious responsibilities that a flight instructor has.

You may wonder why other Flight Instructors have for years told new CFI Applicants, "you must build your own lessons." We don't know... And we've asked many CFI's this question. Most regurgitate four standard answers:


"This is how it's always been."

Needless to say, this is just downright resistance to innovation. This type of thinking is ultimately the cause of longer-term deficiencies in areas where a better process could exist.


"You'll learn better by making your own CFI Lessons."

While we absolutely do advocate self-study and self-research. There is a point when this can be dangerous. That point is when a CFI has no idea what to study or where to start studying. This often leads a CFI Applicant down a dangerous path of studying either incorrect information or things that aren't required for the checking event. When a CFI Applicant doesn't know where to start. This causes confusion and can ultimately lead to negative training.

Remember Thorndike's Laws of Learning: the law of Primacy "is the state of being first, often creates a strong, almost unshakable impression and underlies the reason an instructor must teach correctly the first time and the student must learn correctly the first time."

We believe that a CFI Applicant should be learning the correct information from DAY ONE. Not by eventually learning the correct way, after building an incorrect lesson plan, which is then later refined by the Primary CFI administering the training for the certificate.


"The examiner won't accept pre-bought lessons."

Our product has been refined so well that we have FAA-appointed DPEs that utilize our product as an outline for the CFI Checkride. This is simply an invalid objection with no basis. 

The key here is the CFI Applicant's ability to teach the material. The purpose of the DPE is to "check" the applicant for the required knowledge and proficiency to meet the requirements of issuance for the CFI ticket. There would be no basis for an examiner to fault a CFI Applicant for becoming intimately familiar with the exact elements outlined in the FAA testing standards, by studying a professionally developed training manual, like ours.


"I had to make mine, so you'll make yours too."

This particular objection statement is extremely destructive to the aviation profession. This type of "indoctrination statement" is often said by instructors who resist innovation and better processes. 

Remove The Ambiguity

We develop the most cohesive Teachers Manual ever created for Flight Instructor Certification. The Complete CFI Binder is not just "lesson plans." It has been engineered to be a fully immersive, all-encompassing, teachers guide for CFI Applicants and all Certified Flight Instructors. At its most basic level, this product has been created to replace the colossal quantity of books that a typical CFI in training would utilize to create a CFI Binder on their own. It removes the confusion from the study process. Finally, it outlines every study area you need to know for the CFI Practical Exam!

The Complete CFI Binder replaces most, if not all, of the “extra” supplemental FAA resources that you may have become intimately familiar with. With our product, there is absolutely no need to bring those books. Instead, bring one single resource: The Complete CFI Binder.

Through independent research, we discovered that the vast majority of pilots who’ve either become CFI’s or those who have failed while trying, all possessed a CFI Binder that was disorganized, and chaotic! Most applicant binders that we reviewed had content that was literally held into place with a piece of tape, and images that were drawn on a cocktail napkin. In fact, most of the binders we saw lacked fundamental information that would help an applicant on the practical test. Building your own CFI Binder, especially to our standard of perfection, would take thousands of hours and an insurmountable amount of patience. We know. Because we’ve done it.

Nearly 80% of all CFI Candidates quit, and never actually got the ticket! We found the primary reason was ambiguity in the training process. A lot of it was centered around poor preparation and confusion when it came to what was expected to be inside of a "CFI Binder." So, we created The Complete CFI Binder to help applicants through the daunting process of building a CFI Binder. Much of the work that you would've had to do yourself has already been done by us! And we know what we're talking about.

Do not spend thousands of hours building a poorly constructed binder that is supposed to resemble your "get out of jail free card" on the CFI checking event. You NEED our product. 

It will save you thousands of hours of time, it will get you the certificate faster, and you'll be in a better position to effectively teach any subject required to be taught by the FAA CFI Certification Standards. Invest in your future as a CFI. Study our material. Accomplish your goals quicker!

Incredibly Comprehensive

This isn't just "lesson plans." Our CFI Binder was designed to replace all external resources. It's all-encompassing. Every required lesson for the CFI Practical is included.


Print it When Ready

You can print the entire copy of The Complete CFI Binder (at home or professionally) for use on your FAA Practical. Study the material using the electronic version, then print it when you're ready for the Practical.

Designed for Mobility

The Complete CFI Binder is a Digital Product created to be used on ANY Mobile Device or Computer. Take it with you in the cockpit, in the debrief room, and even on vacation. Say goodbye to all of those big books.

Simple To Complex

Our writing style embodies the principle of "simple to complex." Our content is clear, concise, extremely detailed, and easily understood. You don't need a P.H.D. in Aeronautics to understand or teach our material!

Future-Proof Releases

This product is designed to be continuously updated on-the-fly. We routinely publish updates and content enhancements so that you always have what you need to effectively study and teach!

Semi-Annual Subscription

Get 6-months of free content updates after initial purchase. Then an optional semi-annual update program exists to provide future-proof releases. This subscription may be canceled at any time.

Our Skills and Expertise

Our firm is run by current and former airline pilots, other aviation aerospace professionals, and some folks without a flight ops background. The folks that make us “FlightCog,” are passionate about your life-long aviation journey.

We have taught and operated in both general aviation (reciprocating and turboprop) and transport-category (turbine-powered) aircraft in some of the busiest, most complex airspace, and most geographically challenging areas on the planet. From high-altitude mountain operations to island hopping in the West Indies. We’ve done it.

The basis of our work primarily originates from our experiences in General Aviation flight ops (FAR Part 91), General Aviation Flight Training and Pilot Certification (FAR Part 61), International 121 Air Carrier flight ops, International 135 Air Carrier flight ops (both scheduled and on-demand), Aircraft Maintenance, Military Aviation (The United States Air Force), Human Psychology, Human Factors, and Public Health.

Included With Every Order

Printable PDF Version

You'll be able to freely print a copy of the textbook on any device using any printer you'd like, directly from your favorite PDF Viewing Application.

Digital PDF Version

You'll receive a Loose Leaf version of the PDF, which can be consumed in its electronic format while you study for the FAA Practical.

Annotate & Highlight

Our content is offered in a Non-Editable PDF. You'll have full ability to annotate and highlight all over the document, plus you can save everything.