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NBAA Member Discount

Nick Schvabenitz
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FlightCog is happy to offer an exclusive 10% sponsorship discount with The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).

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FlightCog is announcing an exclusive discount for members of The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). This discount is valid starting MARCH 5, 2022. This discount may be discontinued at any time, without notice.

10% Member Discount

We are happy to offer active members of NBAA a 10% discount on all FlightCog books and online courses offered on our website. Certain exclusions do apply to recurring memberships for certain products. To be eligible for this discount, you must be a current NBAA member in good standing and must be listed on NBAA’s website under company contacts, or we will not issue the discount. This discount can be requested and can be used one time, per NBAA member, per product, offered on our website; unless otherwise listed as excluded below. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts.


The Complete CFI Binder Series is a one-time purchase product that includes an accompanying (optional) annual subscription. The 10% NBAA Member discount is valid on the initial purchase price of the product but is not valid on any recurring portion of the subscription.

Find us on NBAA Connect.

To apply for the NBAA member discount, please complete our NBAA Member Discount Request Form. You will be required to submit proof of your NBAA membership to process this request.


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