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Lesson Summary

Summary Now that you’ve finished the lecture, “zoom out” and put it back in perspective of the whole. One technique I like to use for the summary is to quiz [...]
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Stability, and Weight & Balance

  Stability and Weight & Balance   As mentioned in the video, weight and balance is a lesson in and of itself, so here we will only touch on it [...]
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Left Turning Tendencies

  Left Turning Tendencies   Torque Involves Newton’s Third law When the propeller turns one direction, the plane will turn the opposite direction. Most propellers turn right, causing the airplane [...]
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4 Forces of Flight

EQUILIBRIUM OF FORCES Students can easily get confused as far as how the 4 forces of flight relate to each other. Teaching them the following 2 things should clear this [...]
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Aerodynamics Terms & Definitions

Terms and Definitions As I mentioned in the video, there’s 2 approaches: You can lump all the terms and definitions into the beginning of your lesson. This is my personal [...]
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Teaching Theory

Basic Teaching Theory Teaching takes time to perfect, and just like flying, you have to keep striving for improvement in your teaching methods. I want to recap the major points [...]
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