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American Kennel Club - AKC
Pedigree Certified

Security Training

  • Advanced K-9: Threat Detection

  • Advanced K-9: Threat Removal

  • Advanced K-9: Interrogation Techniques

  • Advanced K-9: Perimeter Hardening

Layla The Shark Corporate Security Weimaraner

My Story

My name is Layla and I am a Weimaraner native to the Erie, Pennsylvania area. I began working as the first FlightCog Corporate Security Officer in October of 2019. I'm fairly new to the Aviation Industry and I'm just learning the ropes. Even though I don't hold any airman certificates, I offer the FlightCog team a strong security skillset.

I have deep experience in security protocols such as Intrusion Detection and Removal, Positive Authentication ID, Interrogation, Malware Removal, Firewall Hardening, and Zero-Day Vulnerability Detection and Removal. In my spare time, I enjoy long walks outside, camping in the Laurel Highlands, spending time with my human, Michelle, and training our newest apprentice, Olive.

Flight Instructor Study:

Social Skills

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