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About Us

FlightCog was created in 2014 to help make the process of becoming a FAA Certified Flight Instructor simpler and less ambiguous under FAR Part 61. Since 2014, we’ve created some of the best study and training aids for FAA Flight Instructor Certification that exist, today. We build online courses, build books, and other small study aids designed to catapult-launch the knowledge level of any CFI applicant seeking to become a FAA Certified Flight Instructor. The foundation of our educational work is based on the governance of Title 14 CFR, issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Our firm is comprised of industry professionals with a fundamental background in aviation education. We often work with current, former, and sometimes "in between," 121 Airline Pilots that have a passion for teaching. Since 2019, our headquarters has called Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania it's home. But that's not the only place we call home. We embrace the flexibility of remote working, many of our staff work for different corners of the continent. Remote work was a no brainer for us. Any Airline Pilot that has commuted for work would understand and agree that, "commuting to work, is no fun!" Read more about our leadership team below.

Nicholas Schvabenitz, CEO
Nick is the Founder and CEO of FlightCog. He is a Native Pennsylvanian with three disciplinary backgrounds in Professional Aviation. He founded FlightCog in 2014.
Nicholas Schvabenitz FlightCog
Michelle Schvabenitz, CIO
Michelle is the CIO and CFO at FlightCog. She is a Colorado native with disciplinary backgrounds in Public Health. Michelle has worked together with Nick at FlightCog since 2017.
Michelle Schvabenitz FlightCog
Layla, "The Shark"
Layla is a Security Consultant at FlightCog. She is a Pennsylvania native with a disciplinary background in Intrusion Detection and Removal. She’s been with FlightCog since 2019.
Layla The Shark Corporate Security Weimaraner
Olive, "The Piranah"
Olive is a Security Apprentice at FlightCog. She is a Pennsylvania native learning the ropes. She’s joined the FlightCog team in 2021.
Olive The Piranha FlightCog Weim


To build and curate study material to help pilots fast-track the lengthy process of becoming a Certified Flight Instructor in America.


To bring humanity and love back into manned flight in a world that is constantly trying to do the opposite. We see a world where we have the great opportunity to help create competent teachers of tomorrow’s pilots.


Learning how to fly is art. Earning a flight instructor certificate demonstrates that you’ve mastered this skill of art. As a now skilled artist, it is your duty to pass along what you’ve learned during your journey. The reward manifests during the entire journey, not at the end.

Defining Quotes

Just as Steve Jobs reflected “The Journey is the reward,” and as Ralph Waldo Emersonreflected “It’s not the destination; it’s the journey.,” our core beliefs similarly resonate.

Problems we

Lack of Standardization

While your results may vary in the airplane, ground school is sometimes sketchy. Especially at Part 61 training institutions without standardization. We are building a collegiate-level training program to help aviation students learn exactly what is need to know and most importantly: to understand that knowledge.

Lack of Understanding

We have found that many training programs both in General Aviation (flight schools) and in Professional Aviation (air carrier flight ops training departments) have difficulty teaching an applicant at the basic “understanding and application” levels of learning. We are solving this problem by creating training programs having an expansive depth of knowledge; paired with great instructors.

Deficient Training

Deficient Training is a real problem today. It is usually caused by training provided by inexperienced GA Instructors that earn the CFI ticket with the sole intention of “time building” to rapidly join the ranks of an air carrier.

We believe GA Flight Instructors are the Gatekeepers of Aviation. A coveted role that should not be used and abused or be viewed as a “stepping stone aviation job.” Flying the airplane is Easy. Simultaneously teaching, managing the aircraft, and it’s crew is a skill that requires the investment of time, which cannot be circumvented.

Planting Trees at Flight 93

Nick & Michelle Schvabenitz were very privileged to participate as volunteers at the final Plant a Tree event at Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, on April 23, 2022. This reforestation project ended with over 150,000 native trees planted on the grounds surrounding the memorial site.
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