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FlightCog was founded in Denver, Colorado in 2014. We are a nationally recognized flight training institution located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We create courses, books, and other training materials for flight instructor applicants and initial pilot training and certification. The foundation of our educational work is based on the governance of Title 14 CFR, issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

We have quickly become known as an industry leader with regard to the creation of high-quality aviation education and training material. We do not compromise on quality, which is what makes us different. We create iconic and impactful creative work that allows our clients' to get their pilot certificates quickly while making the entire process of flight training simple, exciting, and fun!

We know that our creative work isn't for everyone. And that's okay! We think honesty and transparency are two very important facets of doing business. We do not devalue our creative work. We believe in quality over quantity and we absolutely do not compromise. Quality work and quality help come with a premium price tag. They are not cheap, and it's difficult to find both simultaneously. Our products and services represent this premium experience. We are a premium flight training organization.


To design and sell immersive creations of the mind that help positively and effectively forge the aviation journey of our clients. We create comprehensive training for meticulous aviators.


To bring humanity and love back into manned flight in a world that is constantly trying to do the opposite. We believe in a cohesive flight training environment that is exciting and free of deficient training.

We think placing less determination and emphasis on the destination (end career goal) and more emphasis on the journey (early years of your career) can lead to ultimate fulfillment as a professional pilot and the eventual self-actualized state of oneself.


FlightCog believes the ultimate reward occurs during the entire journey. Not at the end, not at the beginning. The entire journey of becoming an aviator is a life-long process. So it should be impactful, fun, powerful, and rewarding.

The journey does not end upon reaching the "perceived pinnacle" of one's career. Hindsight is always 20/20. Many don't realize the most gratifying fun they'll probably ever have in this profession is during the early years. When first learning the skill.

Defining Quotes

Just as Steve Jobs reflected “The Journey is the reward,” and as Ralph Waldo Emerson reflected “It’s not the destination; it’s the journey.,” our core beliefs similarly resonate.

Problems We Solve

  • Lack of Standardization

    While your results may vary in the airplane, ground school is sometimes sketchy. Especially at Part 61 training institutions without standardization. We are building a collegiate-level training institution to help aviation students learn exactly what is need to know, and most importantly: to understand that knowledge.

  • Lack of Understanding

    We have found that many training programs both in General Aviation (flight schools) and in Professional Aviation (air carrier flight ops training departments) have difficulty teaching an applicant at the basic "understanding and application" levels of learning. We are solving this problem by creating training programs that have expansive depth of knowledge, paired with great instructors.

  • Deficient Training

    Deficient Training is a real problem today. It is usually caused by training provided by inexperienced GA Instructors that earn the CFI ticket with the sole intention of "time building" with the purpose of rapidly joining the ranks of an air carrier. 

    We believe GA Flight Instructors are the Gatekeepers of Aviation. A coveted role that should not be used and abused or be viewed as a "stepping stone aviation job." Flying the airplane is Easy. Simultaneously teaching, managing the aircraft, and it’s crew is a skill that requires the investment of time, which cannot be circumvented.

Skills and Expertise

Our firm is run by current and former airline pilots, other aviation aerospace professionals, and some folks without a flight ops background. The folks that make us “FlightCog,” are passionate about your life-long aviation journey.

We have taught and operated in both general aviation (reciprocating and turboprop) and transport-category (turbine-powered) aircraft in some of the busiest, most complex airspace, and most geographically challenging areas on the planet. From high-altitude mountain operations to island hopping in the West Indies. We’ve done it.

The basis of our work primarily originates from our experiences in General Aviation flight ops (FAR Part 91), General Aviation Flight Training and Pilot Certification (FAR Part 61), International 121 Air Carrier flight ops, International 135 Air Carrier flight ops (both scheduled and on-demand), Aircraft Maintenance, Military Aviation (The United States Air Force), Human Psychology, Human Factors, and Public Health.

Meet Our Team

We definitely don't work in a "stuffy office environment." We are a dog-friendly workplace. Our two Weimaraners, Olive, and Layla often join us while we're at work. They're normally the talk of the office. So, try not to be too surprised if you speak with us on the phone and hear an occasional bark or two.

Nicholas Schvabenitz is a Native Pennsylvanian with three disciplinary backgrounds in Professional Aviation. He founded FlightCog in Denver, Colorado in 2014 after his exit from the U.S. Air Force.

Michelle Schvabenitz is a Native Coloradoan with a disciplinary background in Public Health and a concentration in Clinical Trials Research. She Co-Founded FlightCog in Denver, Colorado.

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