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We make the process of becoming a flight instructor simpler than ever.

Becoming a flight instructor is hard work. Hire FlightCog to help you with your journey and we'll catapult-launch your CFI career! We ONLY work with and focus on CFI Applicants. CFI is what we do.

We've built and maintain the most structured pathway to obtaining the necessary skill knowledge required to earn the CFI ticket under FAR Part 61. Don't risk busting your ride before you leave the briefing room. Hire FlightCog and guarantee your success!

Books for Initial Flight Instructor Training and Certification

The Complete CFI Binder Series is fully unified, professionally designed, comprehensive, and is designed to teach the CFI applicant nearly every area of study required for the FAA CFI practical.

The Complete CFI Binder Series is a fully turnkey solution that’ll get you “checkride-ready,” by tomorrow.

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Simple to Complex

Our teaching style emphasizes understanding the message being conveyed minus all the jargon.

Micro Courses

Learn hyper-specific aviation topics in small chunks without wasting time or money on things you don't need.

Pilot Designed

Our pilots meticulously scrutinize and curate our material to prepare you for maximum success.

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Immersive micro courses built for easy understanding.

Our courses are built to a collegiate level for both auditory and visual learners who seek total immersion in collegiate, lecture style training.

The depth of knowledge built into our micro-courses only exists from experiance beyond the classroom, beyond textbooks, and beyond the syllabus. We teach based on practical experience and application.

Flight Instructor Study:

Social Skills

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